Communications Health Check

Digitel's Communications Health Check consists of a complete communications analysis of all of the critical aspects of your businesses existing systems. Our objective is to deliver business solutions that fit your company's needs.

Smooth communications have always been one of the keys to business success and in today's hi-tech world this is truer than ever. That is why so many companies take advantage of a Digitel Communications Health Check to discover if they are taking advantage of all the benefits today's technology can offer.

All too often they not, and are pleased to learn that we can ensure they can. We at Digitel have helped thousands of businesses to achieve these objectives. In some cases we have reduced our customers communications costs by over 60%.

The primary objectives of the health check are as follows:

  • Reduce overall communications costs.
  • Increased operating efficiency.
  • Enhance customer service.

We have many satisfied customers who can demonstrate our service works. More than 3000 companies have used our expertise to update their communications networks.

Get a Communications Health check.

The Health Check analysis covers most areas of the existing communications systems and services of a business. One of the company's account managers will be assigned to review all your company's critical communications needs and will then analyse each in turn. The check covers all aspects from fixed lines, mobiles, data and internet through to complete integrated communications systems.

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Some of the issues addressed are:

  • Trunk Line usage
  • Outbound Call flow
  • Inbound Call flow
  • Call coverage
  • Call back analysis
  • Internet usage
  • Mobile tarrifs
  • Non-geographic numbers

All of our Communications Health Checks are completed by Digitel's Account Managers, consultants who are trained to the highest standards by our world class communications partners. These include Avaya, BT, Vodaphone, LG, O2 and Samsung.

Our own comprehensive training programs add to this knowledge base, which allow our consultants to bring to their task a viewpoint independent of any one supplier. This leads to a complete independent analysis of your current and future communication requirements, and usually to considerable savings.

So whether you need a complete Systems Review, an Applications Needs Analysis or just to reduce your communications costs, come to us.

Get a Digitel Communications Health Check today and see how much your business can benefit. We will improve your efficiency, enhance the service you provide your customers and save you money.

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